Folklorico Del Mar & Flamenco Fiesta - (310) 590-6297
"These dances are stories to be told...
as a testimony of rights, culture and spiritual values of the Mexican people. "
Folklorico Del Mar was founded in the city of San Pedro, California By Louise Gomez- Kawamoto. 
A dancer since age eleven, she celebrates and shares her rich Mexican culture through festive dances which originate from several regions of Mexico and the states of Guadalajara,
La Puebla, Veracruz, Jalisco, Chihuahua, and Michoacan. With elaborate
costumes, beautiful choreography, and
dancers as young as 18 months,
Folklorico Del Mar is creating quite a stir throughout Southern California! 
"Mass media has brought Flamenco to the world stage,
but it has always been and will remain an intimate kind of dance."
Louise's training with renown Flamenco dancer and choreographer, Linda Vega, has allowed her to teach a new group of modern aged gypsies who are ready to set the stage on fire!
Flamenco Fiesta performs many dance styles including Fandangos, Tangos, Rumbas and Alegrias. A crowd favorite at any fiesta or festivale, these dances offer the perfect blend of classical grace and feisty passion! Ole!